Start End Title Presenters
13:30 13:45 Welcome, logistics and goals Martin Weiss and Linda Doyle
13:45 14:00 What is blockchain and what is it not?

Blockchain as a technical construct

Blockchain as a social/ideological/political construct

Blockchain as an economic construct

Martin Weiss and Linda Doyle
14:00 15:30 Position papers: how might blockchain be used in spectrum sharing?  
Blockchain Alternatives for Spectrum Policy Distribution Martin Saint and Timothy X. Brown
The Blockchain and Spectrum Nirvana Kevin Werbach
Spectrum-jail and Time Limited Lease Approaches with the Potential Use of Block-chain Technology in Spectrum Sharing Regime Amer Malki
Smart Contract SLAs for Dense Small-Cell-as-a-Service Emanuele Di Pascale, Jasmina McMenamy, Irene Macaluso, and Linda Doyle
Blockchain Opportunities in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service Spectrum Sharing Framework: A Sharing Economy View Seppo Yrjola
15:30 16:00 Networking Break  
16:00 16:45 Discussion Questions

What are some technical roles for blockchain in the spectrum sharing ecosystem?

What is the relationship between blockchain and database-mediated sharing (e.g., SAS, LSA)?

What are the institutional effects of blockchain adoption?
Martin Weiss and Linda Doyle
16:45   Towards an emerging research agenda

How do blockchain implementations of spectrum sharing compare with the alternatives?

How can new institutional roles be understood after blockchain implementation?

What are the values embedded in blockchain vs. non-blockchain implementation of spectrum sharing?
Martin Weiss and Linda Doyle