Start End Title Presenter
8:30 9:25 Introduction and Overview

Tom Rondeau
Paul Tilghman

9:25 9:45 An Introduction to SigMF Ben Hilburn
9:45 9:55 Modulation Recognition Using Side Information and Hybrid Learning Matthieu Bloch
(Georgia Tech)
9:55 10:05 Phasma: An Automatic Modulation Classification System Based on Random Forest Kostis Triantafyllakis
10:05 10:15 USRP N210 Demonstration of Wideband Sensing and Blind Hierarchical Modulation Classification Mihir Laghate
10:15 10:25 Modulation Recognition with GNU Radio, Keras, and HackRF Jack Ziegler
(Northrup Grumman)
10:25 10:45 Break  
10:45 10:55 Learning to Detect and Classify Channelized Radio Signals with Neural Networks Tim O'Shea
(Hume Center at Virginia Tech)
10:55 11:05 Modulation Recognition Using Hierarchical Deep Neural Networks Krishna Karra
11:05 11:15 DFT Signal Detection and Channelization with a Deep Neural Network Modulation Classifier Nathan West
11:15 11:25 Modulation Recognition Using Second- And Higher -Order Cyclostationarity Chad Spooner
(North West Research Associates)
11:25 12:00 Workshop: Data-Driven RF